Fresh Grinds: Notes from New Joyriders

I am excited to report that the first week of my Joyride Coffee career was a success! Everyone here has been so helpful and welcoming from the moment I signed on. In case you were wondering how time is spent in a start up, I am happy to share the details!

Due to the nature of mass cold brew production we require warehouse space so we are located in Woodside, Queens. I have been to Queens more this week than I have my entire six years in New York; it's great, they have delicious Thai food out here!

Monday morning felt like a first day of school. I had my new outfit on and I couldn't tell the difference between nerves and excitement. There were three other people starting the same day as me so we went through the company orientation and office tour all together. Working in various retail and food service jobs I have forever worked standing and running around. Needless to say, I was beyond excited to walk in and see my desk all set and ready to go, personal coffee mug included. Of course I took pics to send the family right away!

Throughout the rest of week I was introduced to the all the different procedures that go into preparing your coffee orders; everything from answering phones and emails to making invoices and pulling beans from the warehouse to pack the truck. I used the most impressive coffee grinder I have ever seen, turning 5-pound bags of beans to grinds in seconds!

I also got to participate in making your delicious cold brew! All I can say (what would we be without some secrets) is our system is pretty amazing!

And did I mention my unlimited access to coffee and swag? I am all set with team gear and happily caffeinated for life!

From top left: article author Amy Pawelko, our new Account Manager; fresh brew from the Chemex (before and after shots); Joyride's signature Cold Brew Affogato; and (of course!) the iconic Joyride van. 

Happy Labor Day, everybody!