Joyride's Ethiopian Single Origin

My First Tasting

By Emily Cohen, NYC intern

 My first few weeks at Joyride have been a whirlwind. I have been introduced to the world of craft beverage and could not be more excited. Not only is the coffee amazing (have you tried Joyride cold brew?? It’s out of this world!), but I’ve also begun to learn the ins and outs of matcha, different teas, and my personal favorite, kombucha. Recently, I got the chance to go on my very first tasting. A tasting is when someone from the sales team brings an assortment of delicious Joyride beverages to an interested consumer from which to sample and choose. I don’t know what I thought my first tasting would be like, but I definitely did not imagine what came next.

After walking through 80-degree Manhattan streets I arrived at an office and was immediately directed to a table in the back to set up. Each beverage available for sampling was stored in a reusable glass bottle (sustainability, amirite?!!), and I proceeded to line each one up and pour about six samples per drink. I thought that a couple people with nothing better to do would walk by and have a casual taste, and that maybe I would even be able to try the ones left over. Well instead, the minute the smell of cold brew hit the air the entire office was at the table taking as many samples as would fit in their hands. Slightly overwhelmed, I continued pouring and tried not to spill everywhere. Worried that I would not know what to say, I originally directed most questions about the product towards our sales person, Chloe. But as more and more people walked over, it became clear that I would have to start talking. Guess what? I could actually answer the questions people threw at me!

What’s the difference between iced coffee and cold brew? I can answer that. What exactly is kombucha? I got you.  What happens when you add nitro to your beverages (which Joyride can do for every product offered)? Don’t worry, I know that one as well. What’s even better, is that after answering as many questions as possible about Joyride’s product, the company made it clear that Joyride beverage was exactly what was missing from their workspace.

Overall, I would say my first tasting was a great success, and I can’t wait to see what more Joyride has in store for me. If anything, I can say for certain that quality is everything, that Joyride has it, and everyone should drink Joyride. 

Joyride's Latin Launch

Joyride's Espresso Blend

Our Damn Fine Decaf Debut

Some Like It Hot

Product Launch Alert:

After years of sampling and singling out the top products, a hot coffee line was the next clear step for Joyride, furthering our part in the third wave coffee movement. 

Joyride is a beverage company that knows good value coffee first hand.

The question became how to do that without launching a brand new roasting business arm. Enter Pulley Collective.

"Working alongside the best roasters in the world, we have developed a deep appreciation for the work, care, and attentiveness that goes into making a great hot coffee program,"

-Adam Belanich, President

Pulley not only roasts our beans fresh to order, but allows us to procure top quality beans at affordable prices that we can pass on to you, our customers! 

"It represents Joyride’s coming of age and putting forward our own take on the third-wave coffee movement." 

-David Belanich, CEO

The full Joyride line includes a house blend, an espresso blend, a decaf, and two rotating single origin coffees from Latin America and Africa, respectively.

These amazing and diverse options allow businesses everywhere to have access to high quality beverage, while still remaining cost sensitive.  

"These coffees are going to change this reality.  We're going to be able to take amazing, freshly roasted craft coffees and to bring them to a wider population who simply couldn't afford it before."

-Adam Belanich, President

Stay tuned to the blog to learn more about each of these very special roasts!