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Joyride is creating a healthier and more sustainable world with revolutionary beverage. We are pioneers leading the movement to satisfy an increasing demand for fresher, tastier, and more affordable options. We have built our business around putting good into the world with an innovative lens. Joyride is the only beverage distributor and manufacturer in the world to be completely bottleless —having eliminated all single-use containers from our supply chain. We have saved over 11 million bottles and cans, and 25 million coffee pods from landfills, with 81% of our products made within 50 miles of the communities in which they are enjoyed. 

At Joyride, we are obsessed with better beverage. We continue to evolve, innovate, and raise the bar higher and higher every day.  We hire and make business decisions based off our core values, which allow us and our community to thrive. We hold our values close to our hearts, challenging ourselves each day to find new solutions, while keeping quality, health, and sustainability in mind. Over the past few years, Joyride has developed and perfected its very own lines of cold brew coffee, cold brew teas, and sustainable seltzer, as well as a broad and delicious hot coffee line.

Our Craft On Draft® Portfolio

The Joyride Original Cold Brew offers an unbeatable velvety smoothness and taste. Our Nitro Cold Brew has that same flavor, but with an added milky mouthfeel and a cascade similar to a Guinness. Love that milky mouthfeel, but miss that espresso zing? Try out new Nitro Espresso for a drink with double the strength in half the size.

For Joyride's Cold Brew Teas, we have a Cold Brew Black tea, Green tea, Scarlet (Hibiscus), and a highly coveted Nitro Matcha. Each one offers its own benefits and flavors. For those looking to just stay hydrated, Joyride also offers its own Sustainable Seltzer. As an added bonus, any of our cold brews can be nitrogenated at the customer’s request.

Joyride's Hot Coffee Family

We have also released our very own Joyride Hot Coffee Line, including a House Blend, Decaf, Espresso, and two single origins from Latin America and Africa that we change on a seasonal basis. All options offer a completely different taste profile, each better than the last. And the best part, a portion of every bag of Joyride brand coffee we sell goes to support non profit organizations who support our core values.

Why You Should Drink Joyride

Joyride prides itself on being able to say that every single one of our products are free of preservatives. Every Joyride product is calorie and sugar free. Keeping in mind the amount sugar and milk added to a regular cup of coffee, Joyride has saved about 472 million calories and 104 million grams of sugar.

Fun Fact(s): In order to burn the amount of calories Joyride has saved, you would have to run to the moon and back 7.65 times. As for the amount of sugar we save, it adds up to the weight of almost 20 elephants.

Joyride keeps its products healthy and sustainable without breaking the bank. As a company we put the customer first and strive to do better everyday.