Joyride's Commitment to Sustainability

Joyride was designed from the ground up to be the most environmentally, socially and economically sustainable option for office coffee and cold beverages. Sustainability is simply part of our DNA.

To accomplish our mission, we have designed our business to not only maintain the highest possible quality standards, but to also create the most sustainable option for offices looking to upgrade their beverage program. We've outlined below the key ways Joyride can help you decrease your carbon footprint with a locally-focused coffee program or a craft on draft keg system.

 By sourcing directly from coffee farms like this one, our roasters avoid farms that use industrial-scale production and environmentally harmful chemicals.

By sourcing directly from coffee farms like this one, our roasters avoid farms that use industrial-scale production and environmentally harmful chemicals.

Direct Trade Relationships are at Our Core

Joyride only sources from roasting partners that maintain Direct Trade relationships, which involve direct coordination with the roaster and the farmer at the country of origin. These relationships ensure the coffee quality is as high as possible, and also, that it is grown, harvested and processed in a responsible way. Joyride is 100% committed to never using single serve pods, such as K-Cups, which are not only low quality, but also extremely harmful to the environment.

The direct trade model is not just more environmentally sustainable, but also more economically sustainable, paying local farmers higher prices than they can achieve on the commodity market and helping them expand their farming and processing capabilities to grow their family-run farms or democratically-run co-ops, instead of large scale plantations. These farms are encouraged to use sustainable farming practices, and these environmentally friendly methods are the least expensive option for farmers in the first place. 

Even in our non-coffee products, it is important for our partners and suppliers to have the same focus and commitment to sustainability as we do - that's why we choose local partners for every market we operate in, so our menus are always local first.

Locally Roasted Coffee Distributors

Locally Roasted Coffee, Never K-Cups

At our core, Joyride is a local, family-run business. We select only the best local roasters and deliver our coffee to customers that are, on average, within 5 miles of our distribution and production facilities. This local focus reducing our carbon footprint and allows us to gain ecological efficiencies that simply aren't possible on a national scale. 

Joyride's commitment and local focus include:

  • Always offering locally roasted coffees
  • Our batch brewers create fully compostable byproduct (coffee grounds, paper filters)
  • Producing all Joyride cold brew at our local facilities
  • No use of  single serve pods, which cannot be recycled
  • Scheduling delivery routes optimized by location proximity
  • Minimizing water usage and waste in both our production and cleaning practices
Joyride Coffee Kegs

Replacing Bottles with Kegs

Although recycling has made great strides for sustainability, billions of plastic bottles each year still end up in landfills and in the world’s oceans. The best way to avoid this is to make use of alternative, reusable containers such as kegs. Each Joyride keg replaces up to 160 bottles from circulation and as a method of sustainable beverage dispensing.

A Joyride keg program has numerous benefits:

  • Employing reusable stainless steel kegs with thousands of life cycles 
  • Local production means heavy kegs aren’t transported over long distances
  • Local sourcing reduces carbon footprint
  • Kegs reduce waste and allow users to control portions
  • Avoids resource-intensive bottling processes
  • A Joyride Craft on Draft program can be structured to fully replace bottles in your office or cafe