The Ultimate How To Guide For Your Kegerator

Want to become a kegerator expert? Our wonderful San Francisco Joyriders have provided all the necessary tools you need to be the hero in your office when the Nitro Matcha is running low. Check out our videos on how to swap a tap handle, change a keg, and switch out a nitro tank!

How to Swap a Tap Handle:

  1. Hold The Base & Twist Counter-Clockwise

  2. Twist On The New Tap Handle, Tightening With The Base

  3. Admire Your Flawless Work

How to Swap a Nitrogen Tank:

  1. Turn Off The Regulator & Nitrogen Gas Valves

  2. Remove The Regulator With The In-Line Wrench (you may also use a standard wrench)

  3. Re-Screw On The Regulator By Aligning The Male & Female

  4. Open Nitrogen Gas & Regulator Valves (the gas pressure gauge on the left should not be red)

  5. Put The Tank Back Into The Kegerator

  6. Grab A Reusable Glass And Watch That Glorious Cold Brew Cascade

How to Swap a Keg:

Part 1: “Untapping” An Empty Keg

  1. Unclip The CPC’s (to avoid getting sprayed)

  2. Pull And Lift Up The Coupler Lever

  3. Slowly Turn Coupler 1/4 Counter-Clockwise (do not engage the lever)

Part 2: “Tapping” A New Keg

  1. Align Coupler Teeth & Twist 1/4 Clockwise (should be a snug fit)

  2. Pull The Lever Out & Push Down (you’ll hear a “click”)

  3. Reclip On The CPC’s

  4. Put Your New Keg Into The Kegerator

  5. Prepare Yourself For The Inevitable Slow Clap From The Rest Of The Office, Since You Are Now The Keg Master