What is Nitro Cold Brew?

Nitro cold brew. You see it everywhere. In your local grocery store, in the neighborhood coffee shop, in the office. It sounds fancy, but you’re not really sure what it is and you’re not positive you want to find out. Well, let me clear up the confusion.

First of all, nitro cold brew is delicious, and I can’t think of a more refreshing way to start my morning. You see, all it is is your regular cold brew infused with nitrogen, a colorless and odorless gas. I assure you it’s perfectly safe, and a relatively normal practice.

Where do you think that after work guinness got its appeal? That’s right, nitrogen.

That same smooth and creamy taste you get from beer has now been taken and put into your coffee. It’s just as good, but without the alcohol (sorry).

In fact, I would say it's even better, because this beverage actually comes with some health benefits. I know, it’s crazy, but its true. Your cup of nitro coffee has no sugar or milk, and it doesn’t need it. The milky mouthfeel produced by the nitrogen gets rid of the need for any of those caloric additions. BONUS! Plus, nitro cold brew is never exposed to heat, so it has more caffeine than your regular cup of joe.

Could it possibly get better than this? Definitely. Because if you use quality coffee, like we do here at Joyride, then you can bet your coffee will be fresh and chalk full of antioxidants.

Joyride sources its beans from some of the nation's top roasters, and in turn, creates a beverage that's sweet like chocolate and so caffeinated that you’ll be wishing you could drink it by the keg. Good thing Joyride makes nitro cold brew by the keg. At your request, we can bring Joyride nitro to your entire office, and you'll be drinking from your very own kegerator in no time. We’re almost making it too easy.

So now that you know, what are you still doing here?!? Get up and get that glass of nitro cold brew. You deserve it.

P.S: All of Joyrides beverages can be nitrogenated!! When you're craving something a little calmer in the afternoon I would suggest trying the nitro scarlet tea. To get a full menu click here~~

By Emily Cohen, NYC Intern