Joyride's Commitment To A Healthier World

“Sustainability needs to stop being a point of pride and become a defacto. That’s what we at Joyride are working towards.”

- David Belanich, CEO

When Joyride was created, providing sustainable options wasn’t a decision that had to be made, it was the obvious thing to do.

One of Joyrides re-usable Kleen Kateen’s

One of Joyrides re-usable Kleen Kateen’s

Recently I sat down with our CEO, David Belanich, to learn how sustainability became such a staple of Joyride. David found the question amusing, and told me that sustainability had not been a focus, it was just a natural value that they had always had. The point of Joyride was (and is) to bring revolutionary products to places you couldn’t get it before, i.e. your office. But from the start the Belanich brothers had always expressed their distaste for wasteful products, like coffee pods.

As Joyride evolved, it became more clear that sustainability was an integral part of the company and something employees really identified with, which led to Joyride taking more steps to create a healthier world. Though sustainability has never been a question here, taking a stand was a way to lead by example. The decision to stop selling single serve options was a deliberate move to show that dedication.

One of Joyrides re-usable kegs

One of Joyrides re-usable kegs

In fact, Joyride is the only manufacturer/ distributor in the world to be completely bottleless. Instead, we decided to see what we could do with the kegerator, and I would say we are better for it. Not only have we become one of the largest cold brew manufacturers and distributors, but our kegs are better for the environment, cost less, and taste better. And it seems like the world agrees with us. It turns out “single use” is 2018’s word of the year, according to Collins Dictionary lexicographer’s. Why? Because every piece of plastic “thrown out”, ends up in our oceans, our air, our atmosphere, and people are finally assuming responsibility for the effect this has on our planet.

We didn’t stop at kegs. From composting our leftover coffee grounds to engaging in Direct Trade relationships, Joyride has taken multiple steps to achieve our mission of becoming the most sustainable option for office coffee.

What Is Your Office Doing For The Environment?

One more thing. It is never too late to achieve a sustainable lifestyle, whether personally or in your office. Take a page from our book, and look for ways you can reduce waste, remove plastic from your list of materials, and save resources.