April Showers bring ... Coffee Poems

In honor of April being National Poetry month, we've decided to share a collection of caffeinated haikus from around the web to brighten up your April showers. Read and sip on with the coffee poems below!

-As Twisted as Fretzels


 First cup of coffee

is like drinking memories --

smell, taste, thought engage

-The Haiku Diaries


I see you sitting there,

brewing, stewing, hot.

Acting like you're something,

something in that pot


You are a constant,

an always endless need.

A sudden caffeine warning,

whose advice you better heed.


One cup, two cups

three cups, four.

Lasting, lusting, always needing more.


An addiction,

passing through my veins.

Driving me along,

holding all the reigns.


Coffee Detective Poem
Coffee Detective Poem

            Courtesy of CoffeeDetective.com