DIY Methods To "Upgrade" Your Old Percolator

"Percolator" is a very long word for those large metal pots nobody uses anymore (okay, okay we know that's not true). You see, the problem with percolators is that they, more often than not, overexpose coffee grounds to higher temperatures compared to other brewing methods. As a result, coffee brewed in a percolator is vulnerable to over-extraction. So, while your percolator-made coffee may smell delicious, chances are its flavor will miss your expectations.

Even if percolators are a thing of the past, that doesn't mean it's time to toss them out just yet. Here are some easy DIY ways to make your percolator much prettier.

Here are four ways to reuse your percolator:

1. Fill it with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Image courtesy of Etsy

2. Make it musical by transforming it into a wind chime.

 Image courtesy of Pinterest 

3. Brighten up your favorite room with  a new lamp.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

4. Turn it into a birdhouse.

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