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A little under a month ago, Molly Young wrote an article for the New York Times titled "The Calorie-Packed Perk," addressing employee benefits and perks. This article was especially relevant to me. First of all, as an intern, it has been incredibly helpful to be working at a startup, especially one that is in the midst of such rapid growth. Although I am a Social Media and Advertising Intern, I still get to see other aspects including sales, business development, and even the manual aspects, such as equipment and warehouse management. More specific to this particular internship, I get to learn about the ever-growing industry that is coffee.

I think it's a really important experience to work at a startup for anybody who wants to see an incarnation of "started from the bottom now we here." (I'm probably about to be slain for writing that.)

In terms of tangible perks at a company, I get bags and bags of some of the best coffee beans (Stumptown, Intelligentsia, Blue Bottle, Joe...), stickers and temporary tattoos from the companies we deliver to, as much coffee as I want in a day, and carbonated water!

Joyride Coffee, Start-ups
Joyride Coffee, Start-ups

Although, as an intern, my perks are a little less significant than, say, healthcare, benefits however small are important. They keep employees happy and motivated. They make people want to stay in the office longer, because they're comfortable and having fun. In terms of recruiting, it seems that the weirder or more unique the perks are, the more people will want to apply for jobs at the respective company.

For example, one of our accounts, Warby Parker provides warm cookies, barbecue, and even Pinkberry frozen yogurt. Artsy does a weekly happy hour. At Squarespace, another one of our accounts, midday meals are prepared for employees four days a week, and on the fifth, they order out. In other words, happiness.

As mentioned in the NYTimes article, one of Bitly's perks is our office coffee, as it is for many of these tech companies in NYC.

Ultimately, perks seem to promote a happier and more productive working environment, and if that means an extra naptime or cold brew kegerator, so bean it.

Classic Coffee Joke Tuesday: Hold the sugar please, you're sweet enough for the both of us.

-Kristen Lee, aka Kristen Cavill