Cold Brew Kegerators

Cold brew coffee on tap, in your office.  Joyride's cold brew kegerators are the new "water cooler".

Last summer Joyride took the quality of New York office coffee to whole other level with the launch of our Iced Coffee Cold Brew Kegerators. Our brewed-to-order, Latin based, cold brew concentrate was made available in 5-gallon kegs on tap, along side our already available 1-gallon cold brew glass growlers.



Our office coffee customers have been loving the cold brew kegs, because they are so easy to serve, space efficient and flexible in terms of space and mobility, since they're on wheels, not to mention that the coffee is also just so damn good!

Since introducing our kegerators, we loved watching our customers' reactions via social media, as they wax poetic and energetic about our brew. We especially enjoyed this Vine put together by a fabulous employee at Fab (REFRESH THE PAGE TO GET THE VINE TWEET TO LOAD):

Guess who got an iced coffee keg? #fabfuel#lovewhatyoulove

— Fab (@Fab) June 17, 2013

And, just in case one vine wasn't enough.  Here's another, this time at the offices of Gawker HQ in NYC:

Just couldn't resist the most recent vine addition, this time from Gilt:

And just one more from Twitter HQ in SF:

For those curious about Joyride's philosophy of cold brewing, you can start with our shorter than usual brew cycle, of just under 16 hours.  Add to that our commitment to maintaining the same standard of freshness for the coffee we use in our cold brew, as we have for the roasted-to-order coffees we deliver to our customers each day.  Also, we brew to order to maximize fresheness, even though our nitrogenated cold brew kegs have a shelf life that is at least a month.  

Finally, over the past year we've done extensive research and developed a proprietary brewing method and brewer that has enabled us to scale up to meet demand, all while improving quality and preserving our flexibility to  brew our house concentrate along side a multiplicity of other special-order custom cold brews, from decaf cold brew to New Orleans Style cold brew (aka NOLA), to single-varietal cold brew to single-origin cold brew and beyond.

Collage of Joyride Cold Brew Kegerator Pictures
Collage of Joyride Cold Brew Kegerator Pictures

In our house concentrate, our favorite  growing region is Central America and Brazil.  This region's characteristic chocolate notes really stand out in cold brew form.  We've found African coffees loose a lot of what makes them special when cold brewed, versus hot brewed.

We believe this is due to the extraction being rooted in a long brew duration, rather than the heat and turbulence of traditional brewing.  In fact the water we use comes out cool straight from of our carbon filtered tap and is never heated, which accounts for why cold brewed coffee tastes much less acidic than hot brewed coffee.  (We say "tastes" because any given coffee, whether hot or cold brewed, actually sports the exact same Ph, contrary to the popular belief that cold brew is half as acidic.  You can expect a blog post on this over the next few weeks.

Once we finish and tap into the cold brew kegs, we then pressurize them using nitrogen before refrigerating them.  Nitrogen not only acts as the pressurizing agent to push out the brew once it's hooked up to a tap, but it also serves as a mild preservative, keeping the contents of a refrigerated and pressurized keg fresh for well over a month; our testing supports a shelf life of two months.

That's all for now.  We hope you do try out our cold brew, which we find to be more subtle in flavor than most cold brews out there.  

Once you dilute our concentrate cold brew that you're pulling from the tap with a little ice water, you'll taste how the cup really opens up exhibiting pleasant notes of mild floral and citrus, supported by an ever-present base-line of rich cocoa.