Joyride Introduces Three New Roasters to its Menus

Joyride Coffee is happy to announce that we are adding two roasters to our San Francisco menu and one additional roasting partner to our New York menu for a total of 7 new coffees. If you didn’t know, here at Joyride Coffee, when we aren’t mastering the art of cold brew or ensuring that our hundreds of clients are having the best office coffee experience imaginable, we are drinking coffee. A questionably healthy, gargantuan, reminiscent-of-graduate-school-finals-period amount of the morning juice. But we aren’t just going against our doctors’ advice to cut down on caffeine for our own sakes, we are doing it for the greater good.

Unlike nearly all coffee drinkers on the face of the earth, our daily coffee consumption isn’t routine. We sample different coffees from varying roasters grown in diverse global regions throughout the course of a each morning. And once we’ve tasted and rated a coffee, we won’t have it again (unless we love it so much that we adopt the rest of the bag’s contents for later, at-home enjoyment).

Back to the greater good. Our haphazard, unhabitual method of imbibery represents the physical manifestation of Joyride’s continual search for the best coffee possible. Because that’s what our clients deserve. Our journey over the past few months hasn’t been all Stumptowns and Blue Bottles. We gulped our way through some pretty mediocre coffees and reluctantly swallowed some downrightoffensiveones. But now, it will all have been worth it.

So without further ado, we would like to present the latest fruits of our coffee-tasting labors. This week, our California menu will now include three coffees from Ritual Coffee Roasters as well as another three from Equator Coffees & Teas. Additionally, our New York menu is unrolling one new single origin from roaster George Howell Coffee.

Ritual is a San-Francisco based roaster that has been around since 2005. Famous for their light roasts and meticulous sourcing, Ritual was praised so much during our in-house coffee tastings that we decided we had to share it with our customers. Joyride will be carrying their nutty yet fruity Oberon Espresso blend, their lilac-scented Ethiopia Aramo single origin and their Guatemalan Concepción Buena Vista that has been known to remind drinkers of lime, cherry and coffee cake.

Around 25 miles away from San Francisco, San Rafael is the home of our second new roaster, Equator. This socially, economically and environmentally-conscious roaster has come a long way since its humble beginnings roasting out of a garage. Many of its coffees have Rainforest Alliance, USDA Organic and Fair Trade certifications. Starting this week, San Francisco office coffee customers will be able to order the chocolatey and fruity Costa Rica La Bisunga, the almondy Kenya Kiamuriuki and the complex Mocha Java Organic Blend that famously scored 92 points at a Coffee Review cupping.

On the East Coast, we are now offering George Howell’s Costa Rican Tarrazu because it was just too good to keep all to ourselves. This chocolatey and peachy single origin with notes of nougat and almond is uniquely amazing in that it will be available continuously throughout the year rather than seasonally. In the coffee world, that is pretty much a miracle and a testament to the greatness of coffee legend and roaster owner George Howell.

We've really enjoyed all these coffees here at Joyride and hope you love them too!

-Blog post written by NY Operations intern, Sonia Robiner