Team Profile: Anna Quincy


Anna, our wonderful Business Development Intern, is from sunny Melbourne, Florida, where she spent her days going to Disney World, watching shuttle launches, and bothering her parents. After realizing the sun exposure would lead to premature aging, she decided to go to Barnard College, where she currently studies economics and history. She is on the Columbia sailing team where she constantly pushes the limits of hypothermia and spends the rest of her time avoiding the winter. Fifty percent of her daily nutrition comes from popcorn, and her favorite coffee is the Stumptown’s Ethiopian single origin.

Anna Quincy Joyride Coffee
Anna Quincy Joyride Coffee


Cocoa Beach, FL.

Alma Mater/Degree:

Barnard, 2015. Economics.

What's your first coffee-related memory?

My parents are both avid coffee drinkers, and they always had a cup with breakfast.

How did you find Joyride Coffee? Why did you decide to work here? Are/were you a coffee drinker?

I wanted to do an internship at a small business, so I googled "NYC start-ups" and found Joyride. I thought the concept was great. I've also been an adamant coffee drinker since high school, so Joyride is a perfect fit.

Are you the type to sit down at a café and slowly sip a cup of coffee or do you usually grab n go?

I generally love hanging out in cafés, and during the school year, I usually do work there. (Shout out to the Joe's on Columbia's campus.)

Do you consider coffee a trendy drink?

Any ol' cup of coffee isn't really that special, but artisanal coffee from places like Stumptown can be pretty trendy.

Pet Peeves?

Not having gum. To say I have an addiction would be an understatement.


Sailing, tennis, and watching movie trailers. (They're the best part of the movie.)

Best Feature?

There are simply too many to possibly choose one.

Bad Habits?

I am really messy. No matter how hard I try, the clutter seems to follow me wherever I go.

Celebrity Crush?

James Franco.

Favorite Color?


Favorite Movie?

Good Will Hunting.

Favorite Music?

Depends on the day.

Favorite Book?

Lolita. Is that creepy?

Favorite Cup of Coffee?

Cold Brew.

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage?

G&T's forever.

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage?

Obviously coffee.