Introducing the Mother of all Cold Brew: Single Origin

Joyride's technical advancements in the art of cold brew has generated some recent fame, and with good reason. In my humble yet expert opinion, I think we make one of the finest products on the market. This is partly because we keg our cold brew, which helps maintain quality without pasteurization or the addition of any preservatives. Not to mention that our kegerators, the retrofitted mini fridges that house our kegs, are pretty bad-ass.

Perhaps more importantly, it's because we use great coffee in our cold brew. In both NY and SF, we partner with local roasters whose seasonal single origins deliver the quality and style we crave in our signature cold brew. This profoundly set us apart in a product category that all too often is viewed as a way to recycle old beans with quality as an afterthought. At Joyride, we believe cold brew deserves the same love and attention as elegant drip coffees or fine espressos, so we put quality first when we brew ours.

This approach of using high-quality, freshly-roasted beans allows the characteristics of the coffee to emerge more distinctly. It has led us to select our blends specifically to achieve the beautifully balanced, dangerously-smooth, and chocolatey cup we covet. But being as obsessed with coffee as we are, we weren't satisfied once we had identified the perfect blend. We wanted to explore cold brew further and see what other interesting profiles we could concoct, a journey that inevitably led us to experimenting with single origin cold brews. After much experimentation, and sadly some batches that missed our self-imposed, absurdly-high mark, we finally found a couple single origin coffees that translate into truly outstanding cold brew.

We decided that we couldn't keep these bar-raising mixtures to ourselves and we are now ready to share these unique and delicious cold brews with you!  We are now releasing two new single origin cold brews alongside our standard cold brew offerings. The drink will rotate seasonally as we find new beans that we think deliver an interesting and delicious cup. To start, we have two S.O. cold brews on tap, so I thought I would end by sharing some tasting notes on each.

Joyride Single Origin Cold Brew: Ethiopia Duromina

Beautifully juicy, with jasmine florals and a hint of smoke. Great acidity upfront is balanced by good sweetness. Concentrated red berry notes fade to a soft finish.

Joyride Single Origin Cold Brew: Guatemala Finca El Injerta

Cheerful and bright, with nice lime notes and a hint of nutmeg. A lighter cold brew with that finishes with a taste of milk chocolate.


-Post written by Claudio LoCascio, Business Development