Perk Kafé – Café Review

It's hard to believe, but considering Perk Kafé is only a few blocks away from Grand Central Station, this little coffee spot is surprisingly laid back and serene.

I was especially excited because the name reminded me of the Central Perk from the TV show Friends. It is far less crowded and lively, but it is still just as charming. There's one communal table, and then a little counter, and just two workers, making it a very small, quaint spot.

The interior was so sunny and wonderful. And a little detail I loved was the large neon sign in the back.

Joyride Coffee, Perk Kafé
Joyride Coffee, Perk Kafé

I've recently been obsessed with almond milk, and considering it was a sunny, nice day out, I decided to get an iced latte with none other than almond milk! It's not the greatest spot for a private conversation or to meet anyone, but a good place to work, or just stop in for a break from walking.

Coffee by: Stumptown

Perk Kafé
162 E. 37th St. New York, NY 10016

-Kristen Lee