Coffee and Canines Event - Hot Dog!

Caffeine and Canines (10 of 12)
Caffeine and Canines (10 of 12)

We brewed some coffee in the Wework Lab space with Queens Tech Meetup bud, Audrey, founder of Waggit .

Waggit is a community that makes having a dog a bit easier, by swamping dog sitting, or sharing a dog walker.  We are a dog-friendly office with Ike, Lola and Otto keeping the dog-to-person ratio at a pleasant 1:1.  With our love for dogs, we were happy to help out another Queens tech bud out!  Evermore, a company that makes organic dog-food in a USDA certified kitchen, were also there, serving up food to the pups that swung by as well as our own Ike (who found it quite tasty).

We dished some chemexs of Stumptown's Ethiopia Mordecofe, Blue Bottle's Bella Donovan and the Dallis Brasil Fazenda Sertao Yellow Bourbon to the denizens of the WeWork Lab space and dog lovers alike.

I have some photos from the event, but you will have to forgive my shaky camera work.