Stumptown Guatemala Finca El Injerto Gesha Varietal: Tasting and Photos

Yesterday we recieved our Guatemala Finca El Injerto Gesha and we just had a chance to brew it up. Front of the Card:

Location: 15D31'9.59'N x 91D51'13.03"W

Elevation: 1783 Meters

Varietal: Gesha

Flavors: Wild raw honey, concrod grape, orange, cream soda and chocolate pudding interwtie in a cup with a delicate citrus acidity which integrates perfectly with a long, juicy finish

Back of Card:

"After a much anticipated wait, we finally have an opportunity to savor Gesha from Injerto.  Our own Duane sorenson brought Gesha seeds to the Aguirre family years ago.  Later that year, Arturo Sr. traveled to Hacienda Le Esmeralda and brought some more seeds directly from the Petersons.  This exquisite lot not only features the flavors that we associate with Gesha, but also the terroir of Huehuetenango which proveds a sharply focused, exotic profile." -Stumptown Coffee

The coffee tasted balanced and smooth.  An amazing cup by any standards, but a little timid for my personal taste.  I guess I'm not much of a sucker for a perfectly balanced cup.


The coffee tasted balanced and smooth.  It managed to be nuanced, without being muddy while simultaneously holding up a juicy, thick mouthfeel.  Weighing in at a hefty $125/12oz (that's more than $10/oz, for you all keeping track) this coffee has a tall order to reach up to.  When you think about it in terms of a chemex, however, it only comes to about $19 per chemex, or something like $8 per cup.  While that certainly isn't cheap, it costs lest than a mediocre glass of wine at a wine-bar so for some of the best coffee in the world?  I'd say it's worth it.