What is Kombucha? In Short, Nature’s Wonder Drink

By Melissa King, Joyride LA Intern

For Kombucha converts, this age-old probiotic beverage has become a daily ritual some simply can’t live without. Brewed using an ancient process, although the exact origins of kombucha aren’t precisely known, many believe it dates back to the 220 B.C.E., originally prized in Northern China for its healing characteristics

A look into how craft kombucha is made - every jar is a single batch - very similar to how you would make it at home!

A look into how craft kombucha is made - every jar is a single batch - very similar to how you would make it at home!

Kombucha starts off as brewed green or black tea, with sugar added.  Then, the SCOBY is introduced to begin the fermentation process. It may sound unusual, but we have to trust the powers that be! During fermentation, most of the sugar is eaten up by the SCOBY to give it life, which is why Kombucha generally has a low sugar content (2-3g per serving) compared to most other beverages on the market.  

After the desired amount of time has passed, usually 1-4 weeks, the kombucha is ready to be enjoyed. After this process is complete, there is still more that you can do! For instance, Health-Ade will introduce cold-pressed juice from organic produce into their kombucha to naturally sweeten and flavor it post-fermentation.

Kombucha would be a good addition to your diet, whether you are enjoying probiotic-heavy food already, or not! Proponents of kombucha speak about its wonders, including improved digestion, and its ability to detox the body.  It is also naturally effervescent and many enjoy it everyday as a healthy, vegan and gluten-free alternative to soda.  Our friends over at Health-Ade, have even been crafting kombucha cocktails!

Kombucha can vary in tastes, many kombuchas carry a flavor that has a piercing vinegar taste (generally thought of as an undesirable characteristic, and the result of improper brewing) to being more subtle in comparison to that of a carbonated tea.  With Kombucha, trying one does not mean that you’ve tried them all, and the taste variations can be pretty extreme!

Best of all, the biggest trend we are seeing in offices is bringing in kombucha on tap! Offices around the country are able to consume this delicious and beneficial beverage and have access to it right at their fingertips.

Look at that beautiful #trilogy pour from the @gtskombucha tap at the Joyride office! photo by @brudha

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GT’s is proud to serve raw, unadulterated & crafted by nature kombuchas that provide an internal rebalance with every sip. Whether you’re enjoying their cleansing Gingerade or their tangy, tart, and spicy Trilogy kombucha, you really can’t go wrong. GT's Trilogy gets its name from the three flavors it represents - raspberry, lemon and ginger.... a must try!

For a more fruit-forward kombucha, Health-Ade provides a naturally sweetened selection that includes Pink Lady Apple, Pomegranate, and California Grape, to name a few; and what’s more, it’s organic, kosher, vegan, and gluten-free!  Both of these kombuchas are offered nationwide wherever Joyride operates (New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston) and kombucha kegs have become a must-have feature of any office!

Do you think your office could benefit from Kombucha on tap? We sure do! Join hundreds of offices around the country that are now offering kombucha on tap to their employees!