Venice Cold Brew seeks to leave you feeling uplifted and ready to conquer the day.

Made from made from the highest quality direct-trade beans, Venice has defined a taste experience that is truly LA; a signature clean, crisp, and refreshing coffee that people everywhere will associate with sunshine, blue skies and chill vibes.         

Venice founder Chris Mueller has painstakingly perfected his recipe and cold brew strategy over many months of testing and experimentation employing countless tastings with trusted friends and professionals both in and outside the coffee community. Venice’s recipe includes steeping precisely ground coffee in pure spring water for 12 hours, then triple-filtering it to bring out the cleanest, smoothest, most refreshing cold-press coffee they could dream up.

With a bright and balanced taste profile, it is best enjoyed over ice, or in a frosty bottle with a healthy splash of sunshine. 

Joyride is proud to offer Venice Cold Brew to our customers in Los Angeles. 

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