Starbucks® Cold Brew and Nitro Cold Brew ready-to-serve kegs are now available.

When it comes to Starbucks® Cold Brew, it’s all about the right beans. The super-smooth, chocolaty flavor you love is thanks in large part to the unique blend, which Starbucks meticulously developed just for Starbucks® Cold Brew. It took 65 different iterations before landing on the perfect combination.


Starbucks® Cold Brew shows up with remarkable sweetness and roundness, which is exactly what Starbucks was looking for when developing the unique Cold Brew blend.

Starbucks® Nitro Cold Brew takes Cold Brew to a whole new level. Served chilled from the tap, the cascade of nitrogen bubbles gives it a rich, creamy head and a velvety smooth mouthfeel for a whole new coffee experience not to be missed.

To get your Starbucks® cold brew and nitro cold brew kegs up and running, Joyride is ready to not only provide regular delivery of Starbucks® Cold Brew or Nitro Cold Brew kegs, but also kegerator equipment and regular gas service, to ensure your program is taken care of from start to finish. 

The Joyride program is designed for all applications where craft beverages on draft can be made available to offices, universities, fine food establishments, stadiums and more. 

With this revolutionary product, you can have one of the world's most sought-after cold brew coffees at your fingertips – a cold brew that will keep your customers and employees coming back for more. 

Try Starbucks® Nitro Cold Brew or Starbucks® ready-to-serve cold brew today. All kegs contain 5 gallons of cold brew coffee, made and distributed locally by Joyride Coffee.