Joyride's Craft on Draft® portfolio

Joyride is more than just office coffee - we strive to be tastemakers and leaders in our craft.

We search high and low for the best and most innovative artisanal beverages in the country, making them available not only in top cafes, but also to forward-thinking offices. 

Joyride's cold brew coffee system is literally cafe-quality. Made to standards developed with our roasters while making use of our proprietary brewing technology, Joyride kegs served by high-end cafes in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco are identical to Joyride kegs served in offices. 

But it doesn't stop there.

Joyride's full Craft on Draft portfolio, including kegs of cold brew iced teaHealth-Ade Kombucha, Up-Mountain Switchel, RISE and Grady's Cold Brew are all produced to the highest quality standards and are now available for offices! 

Since these kegs are produced locally, some options may not be available in all areas that Joyride services. Joyride Cold Brew is available nationwide.

Available kegerator models