George Howell Coffee’s mission is to seek out the best coffees on Earth, encouraging people to join in their quest for the ultimate cup.

After receiving the Special Coffee Association of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award and selling his first chain, The Coffee Connection, to Starbucks, George Howell created a new coffee company focused on exquisitely sourced and roasted beans.


George Howell Coffee, founded in 2004, roasts half an hour outside Downtown Boston and prides itself on its strong relationships with farmers, consumer education programs and exceptionally crafted coffees. Its signature Terroir Coffee, a term frequently used in discussions of fine wines, reflects the company’s reverence for the origin and flavor subtleties of the coffee.

Today, Joyride has partnered with George Howell to exclusively offer George Howell cold brew coffee kegs for the first time. Brewed using a specially developed blend of Howell's Costa Rica Terrazu Vienna Roast and El Salvador Montecarlos Espresso, this cold brew is truly a taste experience to be reckoned with. Featuring notes of dark chocolate and citrus, George Howell cold brew is available in both Ready-To-Drink,  Nitro and Concentrate from Joyride. Pouring soon at Howell's Boston Public Market cafe, you too can have the same cafe-quality product on tap, no matter where you are!

Joyride offerings from George Howell include freshly roasted coffee for offices, cold brew coffee kegs for offices and cafes as well as brewing equipment service and maintenance.