An American heritage beverage

Up Mountain Switchel, an American Heritage Beverage made locally in Brooklyn, is perfect to quench the thirst of New Yorkers with a craving for something sweet and satisfying at work. On tap, Joyride supplies Swizzle, which is a carbonated version of the original Switchel, perfect to be served on tap!

Switchel (sometimes called Switzel, Swizzle, Haymaker’s Punch or Switchy) was popularized in the mountains of colonial Vermont, consumed by thirsty hay farmers during harvest time.

Switchel is a combination of “Roots, Fruit and Sap” - Ginger root, raw organic apple cider vinegar and Vermont maple syrup, creating a spicy, sweet and refreshing flavor. Sparkling Swizzle can be enjoyed however you see fit - over ice or hot as a tea, on its own or mixed with something stronger. 

Ely Key and Garret Riffle began brewing Up Mountain Switchel in Ely’s grandmother’s barn in Vermont. After perfecting their family recipe by focusing only on the highest quality ingredients, the duo moved to New York. Today, they’ve partnered with Joyride to share the first-ever version of their drink on tap.

Switchel contains numerous restorative nutrients that offers all-natural refreshment, drawing probiotic benefits from apple cider vinegar and the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger.

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