At Project Juice, the goal is to make wellness initiatives attainable.

Project Juice began as a personal ‘project’ by co-founders Greg and Rachel Malsin to develop and deliver the highest quality plant-based foods and cold pressed juices in a convenient and accessible form.

Sourcing the best of the best certified organic produce and featuring ingredients from local farms, Project Juice crafts a wide selection of delicious plant based foods, premium cold pressed juices and superfood smoothies.

Perfectionists by nature, they also take pride in holding themselves to a standard that exceeds the expectations of their most demanding clients. Dedicated to USDA Organic and Non-GMO ingredients, they also interact directly with the farmers they source from to ensure the ingredients in their juices are truly of the highest possible quality.

Perhaps they say it best: "We provide, what we believe to be, the most nutritionally sound and delicious solution for plant based food, cold pressed juices and smoothies ever, anywhere, period."