Linea coffees are renowned for their inherent sweetness, balance, and approachability.

Linea Cold Brew on Tap, now available from Joyride!

Linea Cold Brew on Tap, now available from Joyride!

For the first time ever, Linea Cold Brew is available for offices and cafes in San Francisco! Whether it's a sweet and delicious cold brew coffee on tap, or a creamy a smooth nitro cold brew on tap, Joyride has worked with the coffee experts at Linea to create a cold brew recipe that holds true to the outstanding quality and reputation they are best known for. 

The mission of Linea Caffe is to secure, purchase, roast, and serve the world’s finest coffees. The company strongly supports the sustainable efforts of farmers and organic farming techniques. Most of the coffees that the company purchases command a much higher premium than fair trade pricing.

Linea Caffe is committed to paying top premiums based on quality. Linea founder Andrew Barnett has been at the vanguard of the third wave coffee movement, directly sourcing coffees from the world’s most quality focused coffee producers and farms.

To source these coffees, he spends a great deal of time tasting and rating coffees with the best tasters in the world at annual Cup of Excellence tastings, and building personal relationships with top growers in Brazil, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador and Ethiopia. Barnett and his staff carefully roast each batch of coffee beans, with a singular unwavering vision: to produce coffees that are rich and smooth, while also being sweet, complex, and elegant.

Joyride offerings from Linea include cold brew kegs and nitro cold brew kegs for offices cafes, restaurants and more in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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