Never conventional. At Juice Served Here, health and fashion meet to create something truly special.

Looking for world-class juice in your New York office? Juice Served Here (JSH) is an innovative and chic cold-pressed juice company curating an elevated health experience, now distributed by Joyride. They exist to make first-class health a convenient part of your daily ritual.

From the nutrient-dense produce sourced using hand-selected local, biodynamic farms, to JSH's state-of-the-art arctic cold-press, zero-waste facility - this is a company that is truly breaking the mold. All products are certified Non-GMO, nourishing, satiating and never cut with cheap fillers.

What is Cold-Press Juice? From the masters at JSH.

Cold-pressing is the process of extracting nutrient rich juice from fresh produce by using a slow “mastication” process followed by high-pressure exerted through a hydraulic press.


The term “Cold” press is employed when this type of machinery is used to avoid adding heat during the extraction process. Commonly, juice is heated during the extraction process when the produce is improperly ground or blended in food processors or blenders.

Pressing the produce at an ambient temperature extracts the juice while generating a lower level of oxidation thus keeping vital enzymes, phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals intact and ready to flow straight into the bloodstream. Heating and oxidation change the color, chemical structure, enzymes, and flavor of the juice. Outside of the obvious health benefits, this superior nutrient profile and low level of oxidation in cold-pressed juice translates directly to superior flavor: they taste crisper, cleaner and fresher than any other type of juice.

This process also allows the juice to stay fresher longer, holding onto much more of its nutrient-packed treasures over time. Cold-pressed juices are bright in color for a reason.

Available juice flavors for your office include Charcoal Lemonade, Green Easy, Tropic Thunder, The Pipe Cleaner, and The Pixie. 

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