Double the strength, half the size

If you love Joyride’s Nitro cold brew coffee, then you must give Joyride’s latest innovation a shot: Joyride Nitro Espresso, a true cold brew version of the traditional espresso experience.

Our team of brewers here at Joyride have been working tirelessly to recreate the espresso experience on tap and deliver something bolder in flavor with a fuller mouthfeel, and even more perceived sweetness than regular cold brew. And they nailed it.

The Nitro Espresso is a new expressive form of cold brew that’s strong and dynamic enough to be enjoyed like an espresso in 3-4oz servings. The smaller serving size unlocks new ways for us to enjoy cold brew while packing in roughly double the strength of regular cold brew. Check out Nitro Espresso Recipes for five different ways to enjoy this innovative new offering.

Serve it neat as a quick, all natural, high-energy cold brew shot, or emulate traditional espresso-based drinks like macchiatos and americanos on the cold side. This little guy will deliver!

Drinkers can now pull cafe-quality shots on demand and have the choice to enjoy it any which way they like. Joyride’s Nitro Espresso marks a new cold brew era of drinkability and versatility.

Joyride Nitro Espresso

Joyride Nitro Espresso

Joyride Nitro Espresso is available everywhere Joyride operates for offices, cafes and anyone looking to upgrade their coffee experience. Currently, Joyride Nitro Espresso is enjoyed in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Boston!