The original cold brew iced coffee keg

Handcrafted with the same care that our roasters put into their coffees, Joyride's original cold brew kegs have been flowing since 2013. Joyride uses a rotating blend of locally roasted, fresh beans for our cold brew, which are cold-steeped for 16 hours before brewing on our proprietary brewing technology.

This is not your regular iced coffee – regular iced coffee is brewed hot and left to cool, often giving it a less satisfying, more bitter flavor than cold brew. The result of our process is a rich, sweet cup of cold coffee joy. 

Our cold brew is literally cafe quality - it is served in numerous high-end cafes in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and New York, including at several of our roasters’ flagship locations.

The Joyride quality control team selects the season’s best beans for a dangerously smooth, chocolatey cup that is available both as concentrate and ready-to-drink kegs. Not only are these kegs perfect for just about any office, they are also truly cafe-quality - they are the same Joyride kegs you'll find in high-end cafes in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

More Details:

84.5, 8oz servings

169, 8oz servings

Available in 20-liter kegs
Never heated
Small batch, hand-crafted   
90-day shelf life
Vegan, sugar, calorie and gluten-free