Hot coffee machines for business

Staying true to our core value of quality above all else, we limit our equipment offerings to reliable, top-of-the-line coffee machines trusted by coffee experts, calibrated to roaster specifications.

The brewer models below are our standard models available for purchase or lease. Based on your office's needs, we can recommend or source the perfect model for you.



Although we offer complimentary grinding of coffees just before they reach your office, if you prefer whole bean, we can supply and calibrate cafe-quality grinders that meet your needs and that work best with your brewing equipment.

Espresso for office

For most offices, cafe-quality espresso machines are a difficult prospect.  Espresso machines of this caliber are expensive, require extreme care and because they are manual, they are highly susceptible to human error.

we strongly recommend THAT OFFICES only use the batch brewers outlined above.

Unless you plan on staffing a professional barista or are willing to have your employees trained to use the equipment, espresso is extremely difficult to implement successfully.

However, if an espresso program in your office is a must-have, we can put you in the best position for success. Joyride can arrange training for your staff, installation, regular espresso bean delivery and outline a schedule for preventative maintenance. 

La Marzocco is the gold standard when it comes to high-end espresso made in cafes. We have found that the La Marzocco Linea EE is the best suited for an office environment. 



La Marzocco Linea EE
Download PDF Spec Sheet

*La Marzocco espresso machines available for purchase only