The Holiday Gift Guide for Your Coffee Geek

So we promise ourselves yet again that this year will be different. We will actually plan ahead for gift shopping (you know...the whole make lists for our loved ones, browse online and through stores to get the best deals and, most importantly avoid the holiday crowd). Let’s face it, none of that happened.

There is only so much time for eggnog chugging, sugar cookie overdosing, holiday decorating and SantaCon-ing that it's no wonder holiday shopping is once again on the bottom of our to do list. Don’t hit the panic button just yet. We got you covered for those people in your life who simply cannot put down their cups of coffee, or would not stop lecturing you about it (all Joyriders are guilty as charged for both).

For the Pinterestic Interior Designer:

LINK: RiBoStudio Funny Criminalize Decaf Poster

When you are a true coffee lover, who needs decaf? And it is best that everyone else knows that.

LINK: The Compendious Coffee Chart from Pop Chart Lab

Pin it, frame it and now you know the difference between a cortado and a flat white. Learning while decorating, YES.

LINK: Frausto & Co. The Coffee Deck

A quick read with coffee trivia, farming and roasting process, barista’s glossary and various brewing techniques that let you become quite a coffee expert.

LINK: The Birth of Coffee

The only way to decorate a coffee lover’s favorite table (coffee table): stacks of coffee books about all things coffee.

For the mug/trinket collector:

LINK: Mazama x Stumptown Stoneware Mug

Two Portland based awesome doers, Stumptown and Mazama, joined hands and created an impeccably well designed and hand thrown mug to make the morning cup of joe even better. Limited offerings only!

LINK: Mood Mugs by CKIE

Who needs mood rings when you can have mugs that perfectly describes how you feel when you are with or without coffee. A mug without coffee is always a sad, grumpy mug.

LINK: Cookie Monster Cookie Dunk Mug

Because anything multi-functional is always better, especially when it comes to coffee and cookies. Other sweets (not just cookies) are strongly encouraged to feed into Cookie Monster’s mouth: donuts, toast, biscotti or croissants. The possibilities are yours.

LINK: Coffee Joulies

These stainless steel espresso beans can cool down piping hot just brewed coffee within second but also keep it warm at the perfect temperature longer. Goldilocks’ dream cup of coffee: not too hot and not too cold.

LINK: Coffee Lids Coasters by Coastermatic

No, we are not suggesting to give old coffee lids as gifts. These are ceramic coasters painted with coffee and lipstick stain to celebrate the simple morning ritual that we take for granted. Just remember not to throw them away!

For the adventurous foodie:

LINK: Patron XO Coffee Liqueur

Forget the salt and lime. Bring on the coffee, hot chocolate, milkshake and ice cream to make some decadent holiday drinks.

LINK: Hopjes Coffee Candy

Like we said before, who needs decaf? Go for these buttery Dutch coffee suckers instead for an afternoon pick-me-up.

LINK: Maple Bacon Smoked Coffee by Bewdly Brewing Company

Maple syrup, check. Bacon, check. Coffee double check. Maple bacon flavorings are poured over slow smoked beans to create this ultimate breakfast blend. Bewdly also offers other food concussion inspired blends like Campfire Song S’More Smoked Coffee and Cranberry Scone Coffee. Any good? We are not sure so that is for a daring foodie to judge.

LINK: Intelligentsia Holiday Sweet Box

Intelligentsia’s holiday gift box surely won’t disappoint for a coffee lover who has a sweet tooth. It features their Celebration Blend (combining two bright East African coffees and a smooth Latin American offering to resemble a hot toddy), an Askinosie + Intelligentsia chocolate bar and their signature mug.

LINK: Simply Coffee Gum

Get rid of coffee breath with refreshing coffee gum. This is an all natural gum made with only six ingredients and none of that artificial ingredients or plastics found in regular gum base.

Wash With Joe's Coffee Mint Body Wash

Okay, so it is not edible but if one loves coffee that much, they might be willing to walk around smelling like minty coffee. This 16oz bottle of joe, filed with antioxidants, is believed to revitalize skin, provide UV protection and brighten up the mind.

For the ultimate coffee connoisseur:

Kapu Coffee Scoop and Bag Closer

Beautifully designed by Teemu Karkunen in Finland, this birch plywood coffee scooper is as good as a coffee bag clip to ensure the coffee stays fresh and delicious.

Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill

This budget friendly hand grinder produces a variety of grind settings from French Press coarse to espresso fine similar to an electronic burr grinder. It also had a no-slip rubber base to prevent it from skidding around and a detachable glass bass with lid to store unused beans.

Toast Ceramics Pour-Over Mug Set

Alright, we might have mentioned a few mug options already but this handmade pour-over and mug duo is made for coffee aficionados.

Le Creuset French Press

Viola! Get ready for some bolder and darker flavors with this fancy French Press, available in nine different colors. You can also steep loose tea leaves in this.

Blue Bottle Moka Pot

Collaborating with industrial designer, Joey Roth, Blue Bottle reinvented and improved an Italian coffee making tradition. The modern moka pot features a steel water chamber that distributes heat evenly, a longer ceramic serving spout that brings water to the perfect temperature and a separate steel middle chamber that connects to a cork handle. Here’s to a sweeter and more fantastic stovetop coffee maker!

Chemex Ottomatic

At Joyride, Chemex is the preferred choice for a brew method. Now it just got easier with the press of a button. It automatically controls critical brewing variables such as temperature (heating water to only between 197.6 degrees Fahrenheit and 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit), pre-wetting the ground stage and extraction (how fast and how much water is contacting the coffee). Not to mention, we are digging the name as it is a shoutout to our beloved office dog, Otto.

Aaaaaand the BEST gift that a coffee lover could ever hope for and receive is amazing coffee at work! There is honestly nowhere else one would crave it more, especially for a picky and well informed coffee snob. Go ahead, pass the secret along to them or to the office manager at where they work. Bonus point if you surprise the entire office with endless coffee from one of our dedicated roasters, cafe quality brewers and above all else, a cold brew kegerator.

Photo of Tap Handles

That’s right, you just won the best holiday gift ever.

-- Blog post written by Angel Chan, Senior Account Manager