Joyriding WalkAboutNYC : Tech Edition

This year's WalkAboutNYC: Tech Edition is happening on May 17th and we'll be there.


The lovely Joyrider's at Harvest have put together this event to give New Yorkers a chance to see cool people doing cool things.  The renaissance in tech in New York, If you did the whole tour, you'd be able to find our machines in fifteen of the offices, so keep out a weather eye for quality coffee.

If you can make the kickoff, we'll be brewing there, so if you want a chance to talk, or have some question you want answered about coffee, come on by and say hi.

Registration (click here) just opened for the event, but slots go quickly so register soon!

P.S. Fill out the survey at the end of the event, and you'll be getting a little (but delicious) thank you from us here at Joyride.