Dallis Office Coffee: Fall 2012 Cupping


Dallis brought in a new batch of coffees and we got a chance to cup them at the roastery.

Dallis Bros Coffee
Dallis Bros Coffee

Even since we began working with Dallis a year ago, they have been continually upping their game.  They carry a pretty wide variety of single origin and single varietal coffees as well as a number of blends.  This tasting consisted of ten single origin coffees with six Latins, three Africans and an Indonesian.  Overall the quality was good, and the Sidama Ardi in particular stood out as exceptional.  The Honduras La Fortuna had an extremely balanced and floral cup.  Picking the coffees for our menu, however, is always a balancing act of keeping an approachable menu (i.e. 20ish coffees), having an attractive price and offering just straight-up good coffee.  So to find out what we chose, keep an eye on our coffees page.

This was a proper cupping and we moved from the simplest to the most complex.    Here are tasting notes and a few photos.

Brazil Bahia Pe Da Serra Micro-lot:  Sweet floral notes drive the taste, while a juicy round sweet body rides out the finish.

Brazil Carmo de Minas: This is our Yellow Bourbon Single Varietal.  It is smooth, chocoalte laden and has key lime acidity.

Dominican Republic Aroryo Bonito, Jarabacoa Finca Rufino: Notes of red grapes and blackberries with a great clarity.

Honduras Intibuca Finca Las Cascadas: Sweet notes of peach sparkle with citirc accidty and a nutty-sweet cream body.

Colombia San Augustin, Huila, Rodrigo Romero: Nectarine, red grape and sweet lemon over a savory undertone and a bright acidity.

Sumatra Aceh Fair Trade Organic Certified: Earthy notes and fruity depth.

Ethiopian Sidama Ardi:   Juicy mouthfeel of Red Berry, slightly bright and tart with hints of jasmine and orange.  The bouquet is redolent of concord grape.  It was reminiscent of  a Blue Bottle Tanzanian we had a chance to try a while back.

Tanzania Nitin Peaberry: Subtle notes of strawberry and guava accent a chocolate cup with a dynamic body and a lasting finish.

Kenya Kiambu: Jasmine, raspberry notes with grilled pineapple aciidty and a sweet round body.

Honduras La Fortuna Enrique Nunez: Chocolate brownie, red berries with a kumquat-citric acidity and a smooth mouth feel.

Dallis Bros Coffee
Dallis Bros Coffee