Cafe Review: The Thinking Cup


This past weekend I had a chance to Visit the Thinking Cup, in Boston's South End.

Here are some photos.  The thinking cup sells Stumptown Coffee as well as a large variety of Baked Goods, from Cakes to Biscotti.  They have a La Marzocco/Mazer match up.  Even better, they'll do a pour-over or a siphon of any of three Single Origins.  When I went, they had the Sulawesi Toarco Peaberry, the Ethiopian Nano Challa and a Colombian.  I thought my pour-over was quite good, but the espresso left something to be desired.

When I first started regularly visiting Boston, the coffee situation was pretty grim.  In the last three years, however, it has gotten much better, to the point where I'm no longer bringing my own beans, grinder and French Press on every trip.  The next step seems to be one of the Big three opening a roastery, or a Local company stepping up to the plate and taking a crack at Direct Trade.





The Siphon available with any of three SO beans.

La Marzocco

Thinking Cup