5 Random Facts About Irish Coffee

With St. Patrick's Day now upon us, there's no better time like the present to mix two of the world's favorite liquids: coffee and alcohol. Just remember not to skimp out on the coffee! Now, we're in no way condoning irresponsible drinking, but here's a little something something to get your lucky day started on a caffeinated note.


1. Irish Coffee was invented in 1942, when a plane of American passengers was delayed because of bad weather conditions while leaving for Newfoundland. To warm up the passengers, airport restaurant chef Joe Sheridan decided to put some Irish Whiskey to use in their coffees.

2. One of the passengers commended the chef's creation and asked if he had used Brazilian coffee. Joe jokingly replied “No that was Irish Coffee!!”

Courtesy of the Flying Boat Museum
Courtesy of the Flying Boat Museum

3. The first cafe to have Irish coffee in the U.S. was the Buena Vista cafe in San Francisco, California in 1952.

4. Yes, you can make cold brew Irish coffee (you thinking what I'm thinking?).