A Medley of Office Coffee Tastings

I love my job and the part I love the most are in office coffee tastings. Since we offer free coffee tastings to current and prospective customers, several times a week, I have the pleasure of visiting new offices and meeting new people. It's a real treat to be able to see the inside of so many offices from such a variety of companies: small, large, tech, legal, design, advertising, media, finance, start-ups, industry leaders, young, old, we've seen them all. An academic by training, I enjoy the casual study of how company cultures as they relate to their physical surroundings. And so without further ado, a medley of recent office coffee tastings via pictures that I've taken and that our hosts have taken and shared via twitter:

Joyride Office Coffee Tasting Collage
Joyride Office Coffee Tasting Collage

I also enjoy feeling like a coffee super-hero. We carry our tasting kits through the subways to bring coffee joy to offices all around the city. We appear out of no where and within minutes...BAM....you have delicious coffee! With freshly and locally roasted coffee, which we grind on site, we brew up a variety of awesome coffees via Chemex. All we need is water, two electrical outlets, and table. Our brews save the day at the office and then, just as mysteriously as we appeared, we pack up and are gone, leaving nothing behind but satisfied palettes and a slightly more caffeinated office.

We've done tastings for groups as small as 2 and as large as 75. Our tastings are a fun and delicious and are a great way to learn more about our coffee services and about the delicious beverage in general. A tasting typically lasts 30 minutes, bookended by 15 minutes of set-up and clean-up.

Call us today and set up a tasting at your office!