Winter Fashion Dispatch – What We’re Wearing in Woodside

When you spend forty hours a week sharing 900 sq. ft. with twelve other people, some things are bound to rub off. In the beginning, it’s small – you might find yourself flashing double peace signs à la Liana (pictured below),  joining in on the Account Managers’ sour peach gummy tub wondering when, exactly, you started liking sour peach gummies, or saying “Yes!” when Noah enthusiastically offers you a cup of his most recently brewed  experiment.

winter fashion

All black doesn’t have to mean all sad!

But recently, the person-merging has gotten hard to ignore, because it’s staring us in the face. We've started dressing alike, and not like your average twin day. So, inspired by our serendipitous matching, I decided to launch the first ever Joyride fashion blog. What are we wearing? What’s inspiring us to wear it, and is it always as black as our coffee?

Denim, long associated with the coffee industry -- for reasons Googling “Why do baristas wear denim?” did not clarify -- has always been a staple at Joyride HQ. Though should I actually have Googled “Why do baristas wear chambray?”

For those of you not versed in the nuances of coffee industry approved fabric, the difference between the two comes from yarn color, as well as the weave, specifically number of stitches between the warp and the weft (thanks, ProperCloth). Really, all you need to know is chambray is generally lighter and more finely woven than denim, and we, being true coffee people, wear both at Joyride. Anders, our Head of Tech, can be credited with first bringing this look to the office.

winter fashion

Anders circa summer 2013, accessorizing with a cold brew growler (and glasses!) in Midtown

Unsurprisingly, this classic coffee style caught on, and look at us now:

winter fashion

The front row is wearing denim, while Noah, in the back, is wearing chambray. It’s hard to see, but his shirt has subtle red dots woven in, giving a nice Noah twist to the classic chambray look.

but we can't just be stereotypes of the coffee industry all the time, and luckily there are some of us keeping the business in business casual. Take Claudio and Adam, for example, whose go-to office look is a button down with jeans. Claudio usually dresses this up a bit, with suede shoes, while Adam continues his decade long tradition of Adidas Sambas. Not sure if the word “timeless” can apply to Sambas, but hey, at least the man knows what he likes. And when you go from being in the same frat at Dartmouth to working in the same office, usually within four feet of each other, twin days are inevitable.

fashion blog

Clearly, their business attire isn’t doing anything for their business posture.

Genetics could explain why the Belanich bros all wore their Joy in a Cup tees (a relic from the Joyride Truck days) on the same day. Just like Noah and David once famously wore the same yellow and white gingham print Bonobos shirt to a meeting they had with each other. (This remains, tragically, undocumented). But Jake Hansen, our General of General Ledger, also wore his Joy in a Cup shirt, making it quadruplet day:

winter fashion

Jake harks back to his home state of Minnesota by layering a forest green cardigan.

Is there any possible explanation to these fashion coincidences? Can it really just be that we're all drinking the same coffee? I didn't buy it.

An office wide survey of the four most frequent black wearers gave some insight. Liana, who deserves credit for wearing all black back in the summer months, dresses for work based on Glenn O’Brien’s “essential advice”  – that when you feel your worst you have to look your best. We all know Angel for her statement jewelry, while Amy said she tends to build outfits around statement pieces. Though a statement piece for Amy usually means black, angular or draped – she and Anders share a minimalist approach.

Despite our efforts to put fashion first, the office admits to dressing for the weather, and with a mind on that day’s meetings. “What are you going to wear?” is the final, most important question, of any Joyride meeting prep session.

Maybe we'll shake things up this cold brew season, but the dominant fashion trend for this past winter is that we’re dressing the same way we drink our coffee – mostly all black and lots of it.


winter fashion

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