Staff Bio: Claudio LoCascio

Meet Claudio LoCascio - a Dartmouth/Columbia grad, coffee connoisseur, and one of the brains behind the whole Joyride operation!


Teaneck, New Jersey

How did you get into coffee?

When I was traveling while working for Winebow, I started drinking espresso as a way of just staying awake.  I really got into when I had a "god shot" at the Catalina Cafe in Houston, Texas.  It made me realize the breadth of coffee was on par with that of wine.  Since then it's been a growing obsession.

What is your first coffee memory?

As a child I spent summers in Germany with my grandparents.  Sometimes they would bring out a pitcher of chocolate milk and a pitcher of coffee.  The kids and adults would both add ice cream to their respective cups.

What is your role at Joyride?

I'm a partner here.  I was brought on to help grow the business.

Alma Mater/Degree:

B.A. in Economics with a minor in Japanese from Dartmouth College,  M.B.A. from Columbia Business School

Industry Certifications, etc.

WSAT (Wine and Spirits Trust) Advance Certification, Level II Sake Specialist

Previous work experience?

I worked as a Sake Brand Manager for Winebow, a premium wine and spirits importer and distributor up until business school.  After Columbia, I worked at Bridgewater Associates as an investment engineer.  Ultimately my love of food brought me back into the industry.

Where do you see the coffee industry being in a few years?

I see it heading along the path of craft beer:  people will become increasingly concerned with quality and variety. I think the best roasters and growers develop loyal followings.

Pet Peeves?


Interests outside of coffee?

Food and wine, international soccer.  I also home brew beer.

Favorite Book?

Goethe's Faust, anything by Murakami.

Favorite Cup of Coffee?

Perfectly pulled espresso.