Joyride Coffee: HackNY Fellows Event


Last Friday, HackNY*  had their Summer HackNY Fellows Project Presentation and Joyride was happy to sponsor the event by brewing us some chemexs and dishing some cold brew to the attendees.  Many of these talented college students were actually working at Some of Joyride Coffee's office coffee customers including Tumblr, Birchbox, Buzzfeed and Boxee and we were thrilled to see how some of their side projects turned out.  A few presentations stand out in my head: 1) Price is right for Etsy-  This is a website that lets you play the price is right for random items off of Etsy, and it keep track of how accurate you are.

2) Web design style detector and analyzer.  Basically this lets you look at any website and see what the style (i.e. how do you determine header, etc etc) is and where there are, if any, problems.  I think going forward I could see this integrated both in webdesign software, such as Dreamweaver as well as into search engines to allow for a more accurate determination of how the content is intended to be layed out.

3)  Don't you have work to do? - This is a MUST for any procrastinator such as myself.  It is a Chrome plugin that limits Facebook, rather than cutting it off.  If you are a company that tries to manage an active web presence, then you need to use Facebook, so completely blocking it isn't effective.  Basically this app allows you to respond to other people, post things and deal with notifications, but times you out if you start faffing about on the web (like everybody does).  Although the timing as it stands is a bit cruel,  with tweaking, I could see this be a mandatory part of any company's browser.

Anyhow,  Here are some pictures from the event.  And hey, we got our logo on the big board!


Joyride Office Coffee Helper

Joyride Coffee


Stumptown Coffee Catering


Joyride Coffee Catering



*(A really cool Non-for-profit that places younger people interested in Tech in internships at NY Startups)