Coffee and Technology


Coffee and technology have long been buddies since the early days.The first webcam was set up in Cambridge with the sole purpose of keeping a tab on the coffee. And now fast forward to now with different coffee technology popping up every where. Every aspect of coffee is being touched by the rapid innovation. Apparently, when it comes to drinking coffee, as is the case with many other gastronomical industries, the goal is to make each bite or sip as delicious as possible. There are some very cool gadgets  from something called the Steampunk, a "tricked-out-siphon-turned-glass-pipe-organ brewed coffee contraption," to the Prima Tamp, which essentially allows a barista to position the handle on whatever they need at whatever angle. Liz Clayton's list in her articles features more interesting tools.

Even we have decided to reinvent the use of the keg, resulting in our Cold Brew Kegerator.

Joyride Coffee, Steampunk


Joyride Coffee, Tumblr Kegerator

For a more detailed description of these various technologies:


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