Coffee Porter - A Killer Combo

While doing some Thanksgiving shopping at Fairway, I came across this coffee-beer and couldn't resist giving it a try.

Wolaver's Alta Gracia Coffee Porter

It's called "Alta Gracia Coffee Porter" and is brewed by Wolaver's using coffee originating in the Dominican Republic and roasted by Vermont Coffee Company.

Alta Gracia Coffee Porter - Collaboration Description

While I'm usually a purist in both my beer and coffee tastes, I have to admit this hybrid was quite delightful.  The presence of coffee is immediately apparent in the aroma.  On the palate, its contribution comes through the chocolatey undertone it imparts to this Vermont porter.

Alta Gracia Coffee Porter

Surprising tasty, Wolaver's Coffee Porter leads me to wonder what other successful coffee-beer combinations could be possible; perhaps an African coffee used to enhance a wheat beer.  Imagine a Blue Moon, where the citrus is not from an orange peel, but rather a dry processed Yirgacheffe.

Finally, in gather the links for this post, I learned that Wolaver's is brewed in Middlebury, Vermot, home to my (David) Alma mater, Middlebury College.  I'm liking this beer and this brewery even more now.  And even more after learning that Middlebury Spanish Professor, Julia Alvarez is the founder of this community supporting coffee farm.  According to the Vermont Coffee Company, which has been importing from this farm for nine years, "All the proceeds of the Alta Gracia coffee sales are returned to the community through the fair trade prices we pay, the support we [The Vermont Coffee Company] provide for a community literacy program and teacher, and our donations that fund a sustainable agriculture volunteer."

See below for more info on the brewery and the beer or click here for a page dedicated this Vermont Coffee Company/Wolaver's collaboration, which according to the former's website "is the result of a fantastic collaboration of farmer, roaster, and brewer – all with strong Vermont ties."

Wolaver's Fine Organic Ales: About: 100% Organic Hops and Malts Mission: Our brewery is dedicated to brewing great tasting beers, supporting sustainable agriculture, and minimizing our impact on the environment. Company Overview: Brewers of the nation's first certified organic beers.

Wolaver's Alta Gracia Coffee Porter: Alta Gracia Coffee Porter 5% Wolaver’s Alta Gracia™  Coffee Porter is made in cooperation with the Vermont Coffee Company using 100% certified fair trade, organic coffee from the Alta Gracia farm in the Dominican Republic. Alta Gracia™ Coffee Porter is an exceptionally smooth and flavorfully complex beer that is surprisingly true to the porter style. hint of vanilla brings out the sweetness of the dark-roasted Dominican coffee.

Wolaver's Alta Gracia Coffee Porter Six Pack
Wolaver's Fine Organic Ales
Vermont Coffee Company