Joe Coffee – Café Review


Aptly named "Joe" for a great cup of joe, Joe Coffee is one of the leading artisanal coffee brands that we have the pleasure of working with. In fact, they have a book called "Joe: The Coffee Book," which is a fun read for those interested in learning more about coffee culture. I visited two of their locations: the one in Chelsea and the one by Union Square.

There are tables where people are talking with friends and others are on their laptops. However, there is no wi-fi at either of these locations.

I ordered a Caffé Latte. It was very thick and creamy, with a full-bodied flavor. Very, very good. Barely any wait time.

Important to note: Cash only!!!!

They also recently opened a "Pro-shop/HQ," which is a kind of Joe University where you can learn more about coffee and try out different equipment.

Joe Coffee

514 columbus avenue new york, ny 10024

44 grand central terminal new york, ny 10017

9 east 13th street new york, ny 10003

550 west 120th street (northwest corner building) new york, ny 10027

141 waverly place new york, ny 10014

1045 lexington avenue new york, ny 10021

405 west 23rd street new york, ny 10011


131 west 21st street new york, ny 10011


-Kristen Lee