Joyride at HackNY 2012 HACKATHON

As sponsors of HackNY we had the pleasure to brew some beans for some young hackers during the Fall 2012 Hackathon.

This weekend, while many in New York were enjoying the onset of fall,  the Joyride team was at the HackNY 2012 Hackathon. The event bring together herds of CS students NY, Boston and Philly (bused in, thanks to HACKNY), to spend 24 hours creating something awesome.  We were there for the full day 2pm-2pm, brewing up coffee and trying to stay awake.  The event has an amazing vibrancy and it was really cool to see work apear from the either, fulled by high-speed internet and caffeine.

Here are our pictures from the event (you can click on them for better resolution).

And a big thanks to the HACKNY team, for pushing to make NY the coolest place in the world to do the coolest stuff.