Cafe Review- Stumptown Coffee


Stumptown Coffee is one of the top quality roasters that NYC has to offer. In fact, we at Joyride distribute Stumptown blends to our clients. This roasting company owns their own cafés throughout NYC, and I visited the one in the lobby of the Ace Hotel.

Stumptown Coffee, Joyride Coffee
Stumptown Coffee, Joyride Coffee

The entrance is embellished with a beautiful font, spelling out the name of the café "Stumptown Coffee." As soon as you walk in, it's like walking into a rainforest. There are very tall plants and wooden decorations everywhere. It's brightly lit with quirky trinkets lining the shelves that add to the Adventureland feel.

I got there around eleven in the morning, which apparently is either one of the peak hours, or it's always that busy, because the line snaked around the counter out the door into the Ace Lobby. But it moved relatively quickly, and people were served their drinks in very simple paper and plastic cups, depending on whether they had ordered cold brew or a hot drink.

I ordered a cold brew, which was the perfect drink for the scorching weather. It wasn't too watery or acidic, and the woodiness of the coffee still came through. If you want a little souvenir or don't want to drink the cold brew immediately, you can ask them for the original bottle, as seen below.

Stumptown Coffee, Joyride Coffee
Stumptown Coffee, Joyride Coffee

I sat in the lobby which was barely lit, except for a few antique lamps. There were leather couches and loveseats scattered everywhere, with large tables that worked as community seating for anybody with a laptop or work to do. It was very much like an old, musty library.

It's a little too clustered and not quite intimate enough for a meeting with a friend, but I would definitely stop by here either to grab a really good cup of coffee to go, or stay a while to do work.

One thing I have to comment on, though, are the baristas' outfits. Every single one of them was wearing a fedora, and they were all dressed in the most eclectic mix of outfits. This must have been coordinated. Other than that, they were very friendly and accommodating and matched the down-to-earth yet slightly posh vibe of the place – posh only because of the quality of their coffee.

Stumptown Coffee in the Lobby of the Ace Hotel

18 W. 29th St.

Stumptown Coffee

30 W. 8th St.