Momofuku Milk Bar – Cafe Review

Joyride Coffee, Momofuku Milk Bar
Joyride Coffee, Momofuku Milk Bar

Considering the fame of the Momofuku franchise, I was not surprised that Momofuku Milk Bar is one of my new favorite places in NYC. 

But on that same thread, considering how successful Momofuku is as a business, I was surprised by the Milk Bar's modest design. The one I visited in East Village is not particularly chic or ornamental, but very incognito, except for the neon sign.

The inside is quite small, with a little bar along the window, no seats, a large chalkboard with the menu, and then the ordering area and kitchen. It also has a full functioning air conditioner (very relevant for the hot summer months).

Joyride Coffee, Momofuku Milk Bar
Joyride Coffee, Momofuku Milk Bar

Before ordering, I asked what they recommended. One of the two very friendly workers gave me a sample of the "Cereal Milk" soft serve. I was absolutely blown away. Although it looks like any other soft serve, it tastes exactly like cereal and milk. So I went ahead and ordered that, with crushed corn flakes sprinkled on it.

While I was tempted to order cold brew, I ordered a Stumptown cappuccino based on a Foursquare recommendation.

Joyride Coffee, Momofuku Milk Bar
Joyride Coffee, Momofuku Milk Bar

Before I received my cappuccino, the barista asked me if I wanted a bear or a heart as the design, and I said bear. I was given a cappuccino with possibly the most adorable design...ever.

Joyride Coffee, Cappuccino
Joyride Coffee, Cappuccino

The thing to do: take a scoop of the Cereal Milk soft serve and dip it in the cappuccino. Trust me.

While I was there, a girl came in and ordered a soy latte and left quickly, which suggests that it's easy to grab a quick, good coffee and go. But I also have come here in the evening, and it was quite crowded, with people primarily ordering desserts after a dinner, or in my case, a snack before a movie. It's a very versatile spot to visit for coffee, dessert, or a savory snack.

However, it's a little bit pricier if you want more than just a coffee. My cappuccino and soft serve came out to be just under $10.

Overall, the two girls working there were very nice, accommodating and quick. I also can't emphasize enough how amazing the Cereal Milk was. I very highly recommend it and Momofuku Milk Bar. I'll definitely be going as often as possible.

Coffee by: Stumptown

Momofuku Milk Bar


251 E. 13th St.

15 W. 56th St.

561 Columbus Ave.


382 Metropolitan Ave.

360 Smith St.

-Kristen Lee