Where to Buy Stumptown Coffee

As most coffee lovers know, Stumptown Coffee is a Portland-based roaster that creates some of the most carefully crafted and well loved coffee in the country.  All Stumptown Coffee is roasted in Portland, but Stumptown products are also available to be purchased online at stumptowncoffee.com.

When ordering online, we recommend only going through Stumptown's website, to ensure freshness and product quality, as some online shops and third-party vendors through sites like Amazon may not be up to snuff.

Photo Courtesy: stumptowncoffee.com

Photo Courtesy: stumptowncoffee.com

Where else can you find Stumptown? Stumptown has set up their own brick and mortar shops around the country including these locations:

100 SE Salmon Street, Portland OR, 97214

4525 SE Division Street, Portland OR, 97206

3356 SE Belmont Street, Portland OR, 97214

1026 SW Stark Street, Portland OR, 97205

128 SW 3rd Ave, Portland OR, 97204

1115 12th Ave, Seattle WA, 98122

616 East Pine Street, Seattle WA, 98122

30 W 8th Street, New York, New York, 10011

18 W 29th Street, New York, New York, 10001

806 S Santa Fe, Los Angeles, CA, 90021

610 Carondelet Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to one of these locations! Our team at Joyride Coffee makes it easier for Stumptown to reach you! Through our distribution at Joyride Coffee, Stumptown is able to reach offices and cafes around the nation with both their hot coffee and cold brew on tap.

Stumptown is also available throughout the country in various grocery stores, restaurants and local cafes. To find a location near you, try emailing info@StumptownCoffee.com for more information. 

Stumptown is also extremely responsive on social media, so tweeting to them @StumptownCoffee is a really effective way to get a quick response!

For our San Francisco Bay Area readers, check out one of these cafes to try your own glass of Stumptown Cold Brew on tap!

Atlas Cafe


Craftsman and Wolves

Le Marais Bakery

Robin’s Cafe

Backyard Coffee Co.