Recent News Regarding Four Barrel Coffee

Here at Joyride we were heartbroken to learn of the details described in the lawsuit filed this past Friday, concerning Four Barrel Coffee.

At Joyride, we have spent the last seven years building our business around putting good into the world. One of our core values is Fostering Community; encouraging and empowering Joyriders to create the company and world in which they want to live and work. This includes a world free of assault, harassment, and discrimination of any kind.  

Moreover, it is critical that we only work with suppliers, partners, and vendors who not only share our business philosophies, but also make proactive movements within their companies to ensure that their workplaces are a safe and positive environment in which to work. We are lucky to work with so many partners in the Bay Area and beyond, where this is the case.

Given Friday’s news, we are dissolving our relationship with Four Barrel Coffee, effective immediately.  While we appreciate the steps the company has put into motion to address the situation and their promise to change their business, we will be dissolving our partnership until we are confident that they align with our values.

Thank you for continuing to support our mission at Joyride.