Joyride Pup of The Month: Iketober


Meet Ike, a proud pup who prides himself on the volume of his snores and his ability to make anyone smile. Thankfully, Ike found some time in his very busy nap schedule to chat with me about his Joyride duties (treats were involved). Check out the interview below!

 EC: What do you do in your K9 role at Joyride?

IKE: (clears throat)  I'm what you would call the "wild card." I can't really get into it because it's some high level stuff. I give many Joyriders the impression that I'm just an old man who sleeps too much and snores too loud, but I assure you that's just a cover. My motto is, "don't ask, don't tell", unless you give me a bite of your lunch...then I'll tell you anything.

EC: What's your favorite activity?

IKE: Well, I do sleep quite a bit, I mean you can't look this good without beauty sleep. I also love to watch people eat, I try to catch any food that may drop, (shrugs) I'm just trying to keep the office clean.

EC: I see.. so what is your favorite human snack?

IKE: I mean I wouldn't say I'm picky, but (suddenly switches to a bad french accent) I'm partial to stinky cheese. 

EC: Which Joyride core value do you relate to most and why?

IKE: Definitely Enjoy The Ride, I'm a go with the flow type dude, or as others like to say, lazy. 

EC: What's your favorite Joyride beverage?

IKE: I'm a kombucha man, that Health Ade Pink Lady Apple is absolutely delightful, not to mention it gives me that daily dose of pro biotics. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

EC: What's a fun fact about yourself:

IKE: I'm part of the OG office squad. Me and my best friend Pickles keep everyone on task at the HQ office.

EC: Well Ike thanks for coming by, that's all the question I have.

IKE: *Already snoring*

By Emily Cohen, NYC Intern