Joyride Pup of The Month

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 4.17.53 PM.png

This is Pickles, the HQ mascot!! Pickles is the first member of the K9 squad that I met, and we were friends within the first few minutes. His undeniable adorableness makes him hard to resist, and his bark easy to endure. Check out his interview below!

EC: What do you do in your K9 role at Joyride?

P: As Director of Guest Relations, I spend my days monitoring the HQ office door. I want everyone to feel special, so just like one would for a royal, I make sure to announce every single person who comes through that door. *Barks loudly*

EC: What is your favorite activity?

P: Well in my personal time, I have taken up the responsibility of becoming a Fly Hunter. Those pesky little insects are always buzzing about, destroying everything in their path and someone has to take action. Being blind doesn’t do me any favors, but gosh darn it, a hero can’t ignore their calling.

EC: Pickles, I couldn’t agree more. Going off that, what’s your favorite human food snack? Let me guess, is it..

P: *Interrupting me* Do. Not. Say. Pickles. Anyway, it’s potato chips, they make my paws superrrr greasy, but it’s so worth it.

EC: Which Joyride core value do you relate to most and why?

P: I think Foster Community, I love building strong relationships with whoever walks through the door. Unless you’re a tech, then stay away from me.

EC: At least you’re honest! Can you tell me a fun fact about yourself?

P: Before I met my human I graduated from Oxford University with two degrees, one in Philosophy and another in Quantum Physics. My dissertation on Chaotic Order and the Ambition of Man is known to bring the average intellectual to tears. (Pickles said this in one breath, without blinking)

EC: Well, I definitely didn’t expect that one…so, favorite Joyride beverage?

P: Joyride carries a blend called Best Friend, by Dark Horse Coffee. It’s a wonderful combination of Guatemalan and Brazilian single origins, plus the name reminds me of my buddy Ike.

By Emily Cohen, NYC Intern