Introducing Cold Brew Chamomile & Nitro Matcha on Tap!

As the warm weather and sunshine slowly makes its way into seasonality...we'll soon be sweating and getting thirsty. Luckily our never-ending mission to quench thirst and rejuvenate spirits just hit another milestone.


Announcing the latest creation into our Craft on Draft® portfolio:

You’ve had the cold brew coffee and the kombucha, now get hip to the new wave of cold brew teas! Joyride continues to push boundaries with fresh kegged teas, just google ‘tea on draft’ and see what comes up. 

This ain’t your grandma’s cup of tea.

The Nitro Matcha Green Tea* is an all new tea drinking experience full of the usual antioxidants and that healthy dose of caffeine. But Matcha's buzz is regulated, creating a feeling of calm alertness that spans hours.  Plus our Matcha on Nitro gives you a natural creaminess and a savory mouthfeel, delivering the balance missing from your day.

If you’ve already had your shot of cold brew coffee and want to chillax, try a beloved classic in a new form, Joyride's Chamomile Cold Brew Tea*. This herbal infusion has the calming notes of honey and fig because we use only the whole chamomile flower in our extraction process (without stems and leaves), which gives it a strong, sweet fragrance and taste. Our Chamomile is a wonderfully soothing choice for those sensitive to having caffeine later in the day.

We use the best ingredients and brew to order, so you can have the freshest kegs on delivery. What you will drink are the flavors of PURE TEA, without acidified preservatives or sweeteners in our kegs. 

Guaranteed freshness is a value we’ll stand by and we’re pretty sure it’s half the battle in quenching thirsts. If you haven’t yet, try our original draft tea lineup too, including black and green teas, and the always delightful hibiscus and lemon verbena flavored Scarlet tea. And remember, every keg saves 80 bottles from entering landfills. Please drink sustainably! 

You heard it hear first, Tea is the new black! Contact your account manager to try our teas today!