Fueled By Joyride Part One

How does a coffee company become a sponsor for a playwright? Through a genuine and genius marketing plan, and the abilities of modern technology.

This past March, playwright Kathleen Jones, and actor Amie Cazel happened upon our van, and tweeted at us for the promised coffee starter kit. From there a thread followed with Kathleen suggesting that we send coffee to fuel her writing sessions for her then upcoming production, A Pregnant Pause. In a city full of artists, the decision was easy. Throughout the next few months, Joyride sent tons of delicious coffee, and in turn Kathleen and Amie created social posts centered around writing, rehearsal, and cold brew.

This surprise partnership goes to show what people can accomplish through positive marketing campaigns, creative minds, and lots of caffeine.

Read about our sponsorship through the eyes of Kathleen and Amie here!